V8 Sound Card with Mircophone Stand Set


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Function: Live Streaming

Material: Metal

Colour: Black

Sound effect chip: AP8248

Vocal Track System: Dual Track Output

Sampling rate: 32KHZ

Applicable Type: Household/Outdoor

Installation: External

Audio interface: 3.5mm interface

Batteries: Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries

Battery capacity: 1200 mAh

Charging: 5V/1A

Wire length: 1 m/3.28ft

1. DSP sound effect chip, tuning knob, 12 kinds of sound effects, elimination of original sound, live singing, one-button avoidance, real-time monitoring, large capacity battery.

2. Powerful DSP audio dual-chip, better stability, better signal, clear sound quality without delay, new upgrade.

3. The surface of the shell is sandblasted with metal paint. It has a grinding feel, scratch-proof, comfortable and delicate touch. It gives you a delicate sensory experience.

4. Droplet surface design, electroplating keys, electroplating knobs, metal spray paint.

5. The reverberation/transducer/electro-acoustic overlapping process is not jammed, the main frequency is increased from 80MHZ to 320MHZ, which is four times processing speed of the general sound card on the market, and the live broadcast effect is more realistic.

6. Design of tuning knob.

7. 12 kinds of electric tones, professional tone adjustment.

8. Magic alteration, goddess/uncle/doll voice alteration.

9. Supporting the use of mobile computers and earphones alone.

10. Real-time monitoring of ear return, live broadcasting of the voice of singing, through listening to headphones back to their ears, you can timely adjust the breath and rhythm, to avoid clinker.

11. 7 kinds of connection methods: single mobile K song live broadcasting, two mobile live broadcasting, three mobile phone live broadcasting, mobile phone computer synchronous live broadcasting, single computer live broadcasting, computer accompaniment mobile phone live broadcasting, musical instrument input mobile phone live broadcasting.

12.1200 mAh high performance polymer lithium battery connecting with live broadcasting.