Body Induction Lamp


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-Modern design

-Small Size and brighter

-Only work under the darkness or weak light.

-Charge till the red light off and can last for 120 days

-it is highly suggested to attach to the wall, fridge or place parallel to human body. not suggest to put them like under the cabinet, not enough space to sense body. but it it is ok to do so if you can guarantee there are enough space to sense human body

-No need battery !!!!! USD Rechargeable for use . more economic and cheaper in a long run!!

-Sensable distance 3m-6meters

★ Package Description ★

Battery capacity: 400mAh

Charging mode(if support): USB charging

style: Warm white / Cool White

Charging time(if support): 2 hours


Package includes:

1.Motion Sensing Light

2. USB Charging adapter