LDNIO LS391 Micro


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Product Specifications and Features:

Original Ldnio Product

2.4a Max Current

Stable , Save and Speedy

Lightning Connector for iPhones and iPads Series with Lightning Interface

Micro USB Connector for Most of the Android Devices with Micro USB Interface

Type-C Connector for Devices Compatible with Type-C Interface

*Support High Current Fast Charging and Data Transmission Multiple Security Protection , non Damage Fast Charging and Real

Time Fast Data Synchronization

*Upgraded and Strengthened Interface Can Withstand Repeated Bending or Buckling to Avoid Breakage.

*Using Environmental Friendly Materials Which Are Soft and Of Elasticity . Anti-Pulling and Anti-Blending

*Interface Is Formed By Seamless Steel Tube Which Have Stronger Compression and Torsion Resistance as Well as Faster Conductivity.