Honor X9a IMEI:860907066496147 (Emerald Green)(8GB+256GB)


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HONOR X9a 5G phone

Ultra Tough OLED Curved Display丨2 Days Battery Life丨13(8+5)GB+256GB丨64MP Triple Camera丨Elegant & Slim Design丨Experience

Ultra-tough OLED Curved Display

0.65mm Super Reinforced Glass provides you a better protection

Premium OLED Curved Display

120Hz OLED 1.07 Billion Colors Curved Display

Super smooth actions on screen with 120Hz refresh rate and view the wonderful world with 1.07 billion colors display.

1920Hz PWM Dimming

Protect your eyes when you read in low light conditions with 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming.

Al Anti Mistouch

Precisely sense your touch and prevent the accidental touches from ruining your experience.

2 Days Long Battery Life

5100mAh 2 Days Long Battery Life

5100mAh large battery enables 2 days of use.*DxO verified-2 days battery life

Durable Battery Still Energetic After 3 Years

Maximum capacity of more than 80% after 1,000 charge-discharge cycles.

13(8+5)GB + 256GB Large Storage.(5GB HONOR RAM Turbo included)


5GB Extended RAM, Run more Apps smoothly. Open multiple apps without any stress, and switch between them smoothly.

256GB Large Storage

256GB large storage that lets you forget about having to delete videos, photos or files.

64MP Triple Camera

High-definition three combined cameras allow you to capture daily life at will. Optimized image algorithm tuning leaves a better night scene.

Multi-video Mode

64MP Multi-video mode for convenient and intelligent Vlog shooting.

64MP Triple Camera

5MP Wide Angle Camera

2MP Macro Camera

16MP Front Camera

Super Reinforced Glass

HONOR X9a smartphone adopts a 0.65mm deeply reinforced glass with enhanced stress of over 900Mpa for its anti-drop curved screen, which can give you peace of mind in everyday use. According to rigorous laboratory tests, it can endure most bumps in life without a problem, whether being dropped, squeezed or impacted.

Brilliant to the Eyes, Easy on the hands

A refresh rate of 120Hz enables smoother graphics performance. A 300Hz touch sampling rate and sub-pixel fine control immerse you in a smoother gaming experience.

High-Frequency Dimming, Guardian of your Eyes

The advanced 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming technology ensures comfortable screen time in dim light. Hardware-level low blue light display always strives to protect your eyes.

Light but Powerful, For an Unimaginable Experience

Performance or appearance? It’s not a matter of choice! Apart from its long battery life, the HONOR X9a mobile phone’s slim and light design makes it the star in your eyes, exuding power and elegance.

HONOR RAM Turbo, Smooth Beyond Time

HONOR RAM Turbo cleverly extends the 8GB RAM with a whooping 5GB, delivering a smooth experience. The anti-ageing engine keeps optimising the system performance, bringing a continuous upbeat performance for 36 months.

Volume it Up, Enchant Your Ears

The high-volume mode doubles the call volume. HONOR’s own dual-MIC noise-cancellation technology ventures to eliminate environmental noise while enhancing the human voice, making the calls clearer and purer. Double Hi-Res Gold certified, the phone will enchant your ears with a feast of music through wired or wireless headphones.

Dimensions and Weight

Height: 161.6 mm

Width: 73.9 mm

Depth: 7.9 mm

Weight: Approx. 175g (battery including )

Size:6.67 inches

Aspect Ratio: 20:09

Colour: 1.07B colours


Resolution: 1080*2400

CPU Model: Qualcomm Snapdragon 695

CPU Type: Octa-core processors

Features: Face Recognition/One-Handed mode

Operating System: MagicUI 6.1 (based on Android 12)

Video Shooting: Support 1080P video shooting

Battery Capacity: 5100 mAh (typical value) Lithium Polymer Battery

Wired Charging:40w

SIM Card : Nano Card

In the Box:

1)HONOR x9a Phone (battery included)*1

2)Super Charger*1

3)USB Type-C Cable*1

4)Eject pin*1

5)Quick Start Guide*1

6)TPU Protective case*1

7)TP protective film*1

8)Warranty card*1

9) Type-C Converter(3.5mm to type C)*1